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August Cover.png
August 2021

Deus Vult

Bitcoin is a Digital Nuke and Central Banks are confounded to Hiroshima

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July 2021

The Saviour

There's a name for people who buy a Bitcoin crash - millionaires!

June Cover.PNG
June 2021

A Bright Green Future

Mark Twain once famously said that if you don’t read the news, you are uninformed, if you do read the news, you are misinformed. 

May 2021 MIB DRAFT.jpg
May 2021

Mission to Mars

Warren Buffett famously called BTC ‘rat poison’, and good old Warren was likely right. BTC is rat poison, and the real rat is Cash.

Falcon 3.PNG
April 2021

The Falcon

"The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim" Sun Tzu, Art of War.

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March 2021

The Starman


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February 2021

As Bitcoin started the year with a new all-time high a few dollars short of $42k, it now ranks as the ninth largest asset globally, closing in on Alibaba and Tesla and is at the time of writing the largest financial service in the world by market-cap.


Jan 2021 Cover Art.JPG
January 2021

Happy New Year dear reader!

We wish you all utmost good health and prosperity in 2021. You got this!

December MIB Cover.JPG
December 2020

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the DFC Team.

"What is Christmas?
It is tenderness for the past,
courage for the present,
and hope for the future"
-Agnes M. Pahro

November 2020

"Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece." -Ralph Charell

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October 2020

We have the Green Light.


Sept Front Cover.JPG
September 2020

Digital Future Capital gained approval to launch an AIFM in August 2020, making history with a giant leap towards becoming the very first operational Digital Asset Hedge Fund in the UK.

The Future of Finance is Digital!

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August 2020

Tolstoy once remarked that all happy families are alike, while every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. The same can be said of nations, and as the global pandemic threatens national supports for well-being, especially health and income, only political leadership with altruistic family values is likely to flourish.

July Cover.JPG
July 2020

This unprecedented year and its frivolous central-bank easing is now accelerating the maturation of Bitcoin toward a digital version of gold. Covid-19 was a key test and Bitcoin scored a home-run. Data shows that trading volume on the NYSE Bakkt Bitcoin exchange has seen a strong increase and institutional investors are accumulating BTC.

June 2020

Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager, told clients earlier in May that he was purchasing Bitcoin as an inflation hedge, according to Bloomberg. Emphasizing that governments have spent trillions of dollars on asset purchases and fiscal stimulus in recent months, he chose Bitcoin over other assets like Commodities and Treasuries.

May 2020

Happy Bitcoin Halving to all you wonderful early adopters! We are the cusp of another record-shattering Bitcoin bull run, hence this will be our last weekly issue as we move to monthly publications while preparing the launch of our commercial UK fund in the coming months. Stay financially safe, with Love, The DFC Team