DFC's proprietary investment system and algorithm was developed through 2 years of research and development, specifically designed to map the 7,000+ cryptographic assets and currencies, and their inverse correlations to traditional markets, of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies.

Simply put, Nikolin turns cryptographic power into digital gold. 



2020 (Updated January 1st 2021) 

DFC operates 1 investment pool into 3 investment funds, diversifying returns and risk to a primary index of 200 cryptocurrencies and assets approved by DFC Blockchain Valuation Frameworks (BVF).

  • Directional Market Fund
    Nikolin™ market cycle tracker on top ten markets by capitalisation.


  • Blockchain Disruption Fund
    Targets disruptive blockchain use-cases by industry for long-term growth

  • Bitcoin Growth Fund
    Quant futures trading for BTC accumulation during bull market cycles